Young Thug Didn’t Show Up To His Own Music Video Shoot So The Director Improvised And It’s F’n Amazing

This is the latest music video for Young Thug, and according to the video’s captions, it is an extremely unique project. Why? Well, Young Thug didn’t think it was worth his time to show up to the video shoot and participate in his own rap video. Instead, he later opted to film some random ass footage of himself eating Cheetos.

So, without the star rapper on hand to film ‘Wyclef Jean’ by Young Thug the video’s director was forced to improvise, and improvise he did. The resulting project is probably the best video Young Thug’s ever put out, and I say that as a completely ignorant asshole who hasn’t done his homework and gone back to watch Young Thug’s previous videos. The reason I’m assuming that this is his best video to date is because it’s extremely unique compared to the rest of the music industry, and I’m guessing that Young Thug’s previous videos lack the je ne sais quoi of ‘Wyclef Jean’.

[h/t r/videos]

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