This Insane 1,000-Rep Arm Workout Might Be The Secret To Massive Biceps

Everyone wants bigger biceps, the kind that looks as though softballs were implanted under the skin on their arms, and these fitness YouTubers believe they’ve uncovered the secret to building massive guns.

Jujimufu and Tom Boyden regularly put themselves through extreme physical challenges on their YouTube channel. This bicep circuit looks incredibly easy, but by the end of the 30 minutes, both guys are exhausted and feeling the burn.

Doing just preacher curls, tricep pulls, and hammer curls with minimal weight, the goal is to get to complete 1,000 reps within 30 minutes. The math works out to 33 reps per minute.

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Boyden, the workout creator, admits he’s got “no quantitative analysis” except the feeling in his arms when completing the 1000 reps and says from the jump, this could turn out well or be a colossal waste of 30 minutes.

The duo doesn’t even have a name for the workout and isn’t sold on Jujimufu suggestion of calling it the “1,000 rep for 30 minutes arm workout.”

“This is not as dumb as I thought it was going to be, honestly,” admits Jujimufu. “I’m not sure how I would program it, but I highly recommend you try it for yourself.”

At the end of the workout, both guys feel the pump without the typical strain on the tendons when lifting heavy.

Watch the video below if you want to try the 1,000 rep for 30 minutes arm workout.


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