The Rock Shares His Favorite ‘Hellish’ Exercise That Ends All His Bicep Workouts

The Rock Bicep Exercises

Instagram / The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, doesn’t half-ass anything. The A-list action movie star goes just as hard in the gym as he does trolling Tom Brady on Twitter.

So when the man hands out exercise tips, it’s smart to pay attention.

The Rock recently shared one of his favorite bicep exercises on Instagram, a “hellish” finisher called 21’s.

It’s an old school move that puts a squeeze on the bicep muscles, as Johnson demonstrates in this quick clip.

“21 inch Gun salute. 
Hellish bicep 💪🏾 finisher I love called 21’s. 
7 reps from the top going only half way down. 
7 reps from the bottom going only halfway up. 
7 full reps. 
And pushing past your pain threshold to squeeze out a few more extra reps is where success and magic happens.”

Rock’s love for 21’s probably goes back to his days working out with the Miami Hurricanes as the exercise has been a staple in gyms for decades.

It’s as old school and effective as turtlenecks and gold chains.

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