The Rock And Tom Brady Took Turns Roasting Each Other On The QB’s First Day Using Twitter

The Rock Tom Brady Exchanged Jokes On Bradys First Day On Twitter

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Back in January of 2017, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady performed perhaps the worst impression of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ever perpetrated on humanity in a video hawking some of his “special” sleepwear.

“Hey, Rock, what kind of sleepwear you sleeping in? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT KIND OF SLEEPWEAR YOU’RE SLEEPING IN!” Brady said in the bit.

The Rock’s reaction?


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“Sweet tap-dancing baby JESUS! What in the FUCK did we just watch! Thomas what was that?! I mean, you’re sitting there, you’re sitting on some rocks, which I guess that’s supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock and your legs open like Kermit the Frog, like you’re getting ready to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’ for Christ’s sakes. What are you doing?” said The Rock in a follow-up video where he also referenced his “Penisoraus.”

Fast forward a couple of years and the two Under Armour spokesmen were back at it on social media as on Monday after Brady finally, officially joined Twitter… with a really lame April Fools joke saying that he was retiring.

Yes, Tom. Yes it was.

That being said, it wasn’t a total loss because when The Rock saw that he decided he would play along by poking a little fun at both Brady as well as himself.

“My good friend @TomBrady just texted me and said he’s retiring. What a career!” DJ wrote on Twitter. “And that he’s also joined @Twitter. Good to see him comply with our dress code. He loves his new fanny pack.”

And just like that it was game on…

Turns out that TB12 is just as good at Twitter as he is at Facebook.

Dammit. Why does he have to be good at this too?

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