Tom Brady Did The Worst Impression Of ‘The Rock’ EVER To Sell Pajamas And What…The F*ck…Did I Just Watch?

by 1 year ago

Tom Brady, Facebook

Tom Brady is REALLY into “sleepwear” apparently. In fact, he is SO into “sleepwear” as he and only he, calls it (everyone else just says pajamas) he just dropped the worst impression of The Rock EVER to try to sell you some.

“Hey, Rock, what kind of sleepwear you sleeping in? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT KIND OF SLEEPWEAR YOU’RE SLEEPING IN!”

Yes, Tom Brady really says that.




YouTube - The Rock

Yeah, that was precisely my reaction too, Rock.

“Sweet tap-dancing baby JESUS! What in the FUCK did we just watch! Thomas what was that?! I mean, you’re sitting there, you’re sitting on some rocks, which I guess that’s supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock and your legs open like Kermit the Frog, like you’re getting ready to sing ‘Rainbow Connection’ for Christ’s sakes. What are you doing?” said The Rock after watching Brady’s video.

Then he throws in a tidbit about how this new “sleepwear will be a big change for him since he usually sleeps in the nude “because ‘The Penisoraus’ has got to roam!”


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