This 15-Minute Double Kettlebell Destruction Workout Will Burn Fat – If It Doesn’t Break You First

These days, I’ve only got one mindset before hitting the gym.

Get in, get a good workout, and get the hell out.

I’m in a hurry because time is at a minimum but also because I hate wearing a mask while exercising. I’ll wear a mask because it’s the smart thing to do, but I’ll hate every second.

With time at a premium, I’m constantly on the lookout for quick and effective routines that will work my entire body.

This 15-minute double kettlebell destruction workout is perfect. Created by kettlebell coach and functional fitness trainer Eric Leija, better known online as the “Primal Swoledier”, the kettlebell destruction workout blasts the entire body and will leave anyone gassed.

“All you need is two kettlebells and 15 minutes to get a calorie-torching workout in a short amount of time,” explains Leija at the onset of the workout.

Leija starts the workout with some mobility work and the intensity picks up almost immediately.

Leija stresses that the quality of the reps is the most important factor in getting the most from the workout so be sure to choose the right weight for the kettlebells.

After the warm-up, double kettlebell destruction workout is 15 minutes of cycling through a series of exercises – 5 reps each – as many times as possible, while keeping correct form.

The exercises include:

    • Double Deadlift to Clean
    • Squat Pause Push Press
    • Outside the Leg Swings
    • Pushup to One Arm Row

After the 15-minutes, there’s a cooldown, but free to just lay down on the floor until you can catch your breath.

[via Eric Leija]


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