6 Simple Exercises For Bigger Shoulders Includes One Move That Everyone Thinks Is For The Back

Shoulder Exercises Get Bigger


Want to look bigger on the beach this summer while improving your posture?

It’s all in the shoulders, son.

Bright Side, a YouTube channel dedicated to looking at the positive side of life, produced this helpful and informative demonstration of 6 simple shoulder exercises that will get your delts looking damn good.

“Every man wants to look strong and healthy, have perfect posture, and exude confidence.

You can achieve this by building broader, bigger shoulders. And it only takes a month of training either at the gym or at home. The following exercises work all three muscles and can help you get broader, more defined shoulders in a month.”

This shoulder workout includes the right mix of exercises, some that don’t rely on weights.

The most interesting addition is the bent-over row, an exercise that many people assume is for the back (myself included) but actually works the delts more if you’re doing the exercise correctly.

The rest of the workout includes:

Exercise 1: Seated Shoulder Press
Exercise 2: Standing Lateral Raise
Exercise 3: Bent-Over Row
Exercise 4: Handstand Push-ups
Exercise 5: Alternating Lateral and Forward Raises
Exercise 6: Bent-Over Reverse Fly

During one training session, you should repeat from 3 to 5 sets of these exercises.

The video explains that “for the fastest and most prominent results, do this shoulder workout three times a week and make sure you have a day off between your training days.”


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