Check Out This Bro Who Ate A Domino’s Pizza Every Day For A Year And Actually LOST Weight

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Brian Northrup, who calls himself Lord of Pizza, ate an entire Domino’s pizza every day for a year and he somehow actually lost weight! No, you are not dreaming. This actually happened.

Northrup did exactly what many of us have longed to do our whole lives and he didn’t even turn into a fat tub of goo while doing it. Amazing. In fact, he actually ate an entire Domino’s pizza every day for 373 days straight – more than a year!

Look at him after day 367…

#PIZZAPOCALYPSE THE FINAL PHYSIQUE: An ENTIRE @dominos pizza EVERY DAY for a leep year and a day (367 total) Recorded yesterday on day 367/367 The #PIZZAPOCALYPSE is complete. My final weigh in was 161.2 lbs. For comparison, my weigh in on day 1 was 167.1 lbs. I LOST 5.9 lbs eating an entire pizza every day for a year. In addition, I've increased my strength, speed, AND (most important to me) my cardiovascular endurance over the course of this endeavor. Also, I haven't been sick for a single day of this experience, nor have I injured myself a single time. Still behind on editing the final videos, but very open to ideas on where to go next, both here and on my YouTube channel (just search my name if you're not following me there yet but are interested). So PLEASE, hit me up with ideas. Eating challenges, Fitness videos, Reviews or Perspectives on anything Superhero/Comicbook/GoT/Fantasy related, videos on mindset, etc. Anyways, that's it. Thank you SO MUCH to all you Pizza Lovers out there who have been with me on this quest of deliciousness! Mischief Managed.

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