Watch This Canadian Dude Break The World Record In The Beer Mile With A 4:33 Finish

*Fun stuff starts at 2:20 mark*

History was made Saturday night during halftime at a professional soccer match in California, as Canadian Corey Bellemore broke his own world record in the beer mile by a narrow margin of one second. If you are unfamiliar with the beer mile, it’s simple–run as fast as you can for four laps, but before each one, you must chug a beer.

Bellemore finished the four laps and four Flying Monkey craft beers in a mind-boggling, 4:33.6, topping last year’s time of 4:34.35.

The former national champion runner beat the bag out of the other contestants in the field, cruising past the finish line more than 30 seconds before the second place finisher.

Corey Bellemore updated his Linkedin photo.

The dude just hit us with a slice of humble pie.

Corey allow me to retract my statement claiming that the only thing Canada is good for is hockey and maple syrup.

I’ll chug an American lager in your honor tonight.

[h/t Flotrack]

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