Can You Drink Alcohol And Still Lose Weight? Yes, Here’s How To Do It

by 2 years ago

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After trying various diets, Rex Ryan eventually lost over 100lbs after undergoing lap band surgery. With this, he successfully removed himself from the category of obese, a category he called home along with 35.7% of Americans. What motivated one of the most lovable coaches in the NFL, who was arguably lovable because of his portliness, to finally make a change?

He became aware of his mortality and decided to lose weight.

We are a nation of obese people, and there’s billions of dollars to be made treating us. Because of this,  there’s a shit ton of terrible diet advice floating around out there.

One form of outdated diet advice that gets regurgitated to men and women everywhere touts the “miracle effect of cutting out alcohol.” Drop the booze, and the pounds will melt off, right? Sure, it can work, but there is a much better and less miserable way to lose a Rex Ryan-sized amount of fat.

If you’re like me, this sounds like the cruelest form of self-imposed torture imaginable. Even in the name of fitting in a pair of smaller pants – give up beer? Sorry, but we’re in the middle of a craft beer revolution.

Personal preference aside, I’ve got one nugget of wisdom about why giving up alcohol to lose weight is not a good move: it goes against all that comes with being a sports fan. Watching games on Saturday and Sunday is synonymous with having a few beers with your bros, or lady bros.

Give up alcohol, and you give up a piece of that sacred sports bonding.

Don’t get me wrong – it can work. Cutting calories, in any way, is a foolproof solution to jump start fat loss. On top of that, you might even wake up in the morning feeling okay, and if you’re really lucky you may even remember the fourth quarter

For many though, avoiding alcohol is impossible to stick with for the long term. Whether it is because a big game, or one beer to “relax” turned into a six pack, people often find themselves back on the beer bus, along with any extra pounds they might have lost.

With any diet,  this is the story of so many who have tried to drop weight. They genuinely would like to, sure, but this often results in an  ill-fitted attempt to do so by removing one of the things they enjoy in their life.

The truth is that weight loss doesn’t have to be like this. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to drop a few pounds. Hell, the idea that you want to fit into some smaller clothes and feel less like a slob is a noble cause.

There is a definite art to making that happen, though. And regardless of what you might hear or read, forgoing beer, or anything else you love, isn’t it.

I know how it goes – we get overweight by enjoying too much of the things we love. Beer, burgers, cupcakes, doughnuts, you get the picture. It takes years and years of steady overconsumption for us to wake up one day and ask ourselves, “what the fuck happened?”

The problem begins when we respond by deciding we’re going to eliminate the things that got us there. Especially alcohol.

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