Looking For A New Running Challenge? Try A ‘Fastest Known Time’ And Get Yourself In The Unofficial Running Record Books

Will live racing events return in 2021? Runners are hopeful but no one is really sure.

Adventure runner Jason Hardrath joined us on the latest episode of “We Run This” to discuss what running might look like in 2021. He also discussed his quest for 100 fastest known times.

What is a Fastest Known Time?

Fastest Known Time – or FKT for short — is a speed record on any given route. These times can include any type of run either on trials, up and down mountains, around lakes, flat terrain, or even a combination of a few.

These routes have no formal race or event associated with them. There is no entry fee to participate. Anyone, anywhere, and at any time, can try to obtain an FKT.

“They’re almost like a virtual race,” explains Hardrath, “but a virtual race you can do on your own time and watch the conditions. You just run the course, track it with your GPS watch, take geo-stamped photos on your phone to prove you actually did what you said you did, and you race to record the fastest known time for that course.”

So how does a runner find out about these routes and the record-setting times associated with each? There’s a website dedicated to FKTs across the country. Browse around to find the FKTs associated with your favorite trails and mountains.

The Fastest Known Times website is also a great tool for finding new paths to run, even if you’re not looking to set a record.

Here’s Jason explaining a little bit more about Fastest Known Times, why people should try for an FKT, and why he’s on a mission to hit 100.


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