Henry Cavill Breaks Down His Arms And Leg Workout That Has Him Jacked AF For ‘The Witcher’ On Netflix

The Witcher Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill and his jawline that was carved out of Calacatta Marble continue to piss perfection. His entire career has been met with success. He did have a bit of a slow start as an actor but his stardom exploded when he landed the role of Charles Brandon on The Tudors which in turn helped him land THE ROLE of a lifetime, Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El in Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice, and Justice League.

I imagine there was a time when he wasn’t carrying around the chiseled frame of Superman, perhaps when he was a wee lad back in the Bailiwick of Jersey where was born, a ‘British crown dependency’ in the Channel Islands (in the English Channel between France and England). But for as long as he’s been in the limelight the man has been enormous and I’m not talking Mike McCarthy big, the dude’s straight muscle.

Henry Cavill is currently making headlines as the star of The Witcher on Netflix, the #1-most-streamed show in the world over the holidays. He plays the lead role of Geralt of Rivia, a lethal badass, and for that role he needs to look the part of a man capable of killing an army with a sword.

He recently got with the Men’s Health to break down what his arm and leg workout looks like for The Witcher and I figured since we’re into 2020 and many of you bros out there are probably trying to spend more productive time in the gym, this would be a great place to start.

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