Want To Live To Be 100-Years-Old? Here’s How People Do It, According To Science

how to live to 100 years old


While there are all sorts of factors beyond your control when it comes to how long of a life you live, there are ways to prolong your life as long as possible. At least according to science.

Naturally, if you get hit by a bus or your parachute doesn’t open on your next skydive none of this will apply, but hey, let’s just hope for the best, okay?

According to the science gurus over at AsapSCIENCE there are several keys to living a long and healthy life.

The United Nations estimates that by the year 2050 there will be 3.2 million people in the world 100-years-old or older. That is a major jump from the 316,000 people that made it to 100 in 2011, so living to 100 is more possible now than ever before.

Among the habits shown to extend one’s lifespan listed by AsapSCIENCE are many things you would expect like regular exercise, eating right, and getting enough sleep.

However, there are other factors that you also have some control over as well that are less commonly known. For example, living at a higher altitude tends to make people live longer.

Also, for some reason, if you are father to a daughter your life expectancy also goes up, but the only way to control that is the old “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” adage. I wonder if that also would count as exercising regularly?

Anyway, check out the video below for their complete list of tips to living to the age of 100…

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