The ‘Justice League’ Actors Are All Totally Jacked Thanks To Their Crazy Intense Workout Regimens

by 2 years ago
justice league actors workout regimens

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On Wednesday, we showed just how insanely hard an actor playing the main character in a comic book-based movie trains to get shredded for the role when we shared some of Tom Hardy’s brutal workout regimen for his upcoming role as Venom.

However, he isn’t the only actor playing a legendary comic book character that has gotten himself into ridiculous shape. All the actors playing the superheroes in the upcoming Justice League movie are also shredded AF thanks to their workout plans.

A couple of months ago we learned just how hard the training that Henry Cavill has undergone to play Superman is. You can’t be someone nicknamed “The Man of Steel” and be soft, after all.

And back when Wonder Woman came out we saw some of the hardcore workout Gal Gadot underwent to portray the most badass Amazon warrior from Themyscira.

Then there’s Jason Momoa, AKA Aquaman. This guy was already training like a mother-effer two years ago thanks in part to his role as Khal Drago on Game of Thrones.

Here’s just a sampling…

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