These Are The 4 Biggest Mistakes Runners Make Before Going For A Run

Every runner has a pre-run routine but the habits might be detrimental to getting the best out of every run.

Harry Runs is an elite runner, running coach and vegan athlete documenting his adventures as he trains and races around the world.

From the track to ultras, 1500m to 5k to marathons to 100 miles, running has been a part of his life for nearly 20 years.

In this video, Harry explains the common mistakes runners make before going out for a run.

For example, Harry warns against static stretching. Especially if the body just isn’t ready for that type of stress.

“Just walk for about 5 or 10 minutes to get ready to get into the running routine. Don’t ask too much of the body, too soon.”

If you’re going to stretch, Harry suggests dynamic stretches that mimic running, like leg swings.

Another mistake runners make before a run involve eating and drinking too soon before a run.

“Don’t put too much pressure on your stomach too close to a run,” explains Harry.

Too much food leads to a stitch or cramping. Harry recommends a banana or other small fruit just to have something in the stomach.

The next tip is to go to the bathroom. Harry wants runners to make going to bathroom – either number 1 or 2 – part of your running routine.

I’m not sure how a person can train themselves to take a dump on command, but if Harry has tips on that, I’d love to hear them.

And finally, Harry Runs wants people to listen to their body. “Don’t get obsessed with goals and pushing through when your body is obviously saying ‘take a break.’”


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