The Greatest Johnny Manziel Shirt, Plus 10 Things We Want


We want things. You want things. We’re both consensual adults, so let’s have a frank discussion about it.

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Nike’s Money Manziel shirt, $30


Oh yes. The ultimate Bro shirt for the ultimate sports Bro. LeBron James is on board with this $$$ look, and that should be good enough for you. The best part about this shirt is its complete indifference toward the irrelevant Cleveland Browns. I imagine there are millions of Johnny Manziel fans out there who have no interest in rooting for that abomination of a franchise.

Poler Outdoor Skillet, $50

Do you like camping? Let me rephrase that: do you like going camping and appearing like you know what the hell you’re doing? If so, there’s no quicker way to impress than by making a badass meal on the open flame. Without the right tools, however, your meal will be nothing but inedible black carbon. Enter an outdoor skillet so easy to use a city boy could figure it out.

 Budweiser World Cup can, probably pretty affordable


Fresh off Darren Rovell’s feed comes this beauty. It will enhance any soccer fan’s World Cup experience or make a soccer neophyte pretend to like soccer. Also, there is beer inside, which is always a plus.

Haute Dogs books, $13


The hot dog is a simple meal — or is it? This book takes everything you think you know about the encased meat and puts it in a blender. Well, not a blender, but a much fancier recipe.

G-Shock Camo Watch, $150


Announce your manhood with this slick look. It doubles as great cover for your next paintball game in the deep woods. Snapping this bad boy on your wrist immediately makes you more of a badass. It’s science.

Marbel Electric Skateboard, $1,200


This is probably the closest you can come to being Marty McFly without a time machine. Rocket up hills at 20 mph and hope for the best. What could possibly go wrong?

Galatic Cap Pregnancy Prevention, can’t buy it yet


Hey, don’t judge me. Yep, this is a real thing that exists.

Speedo Gym Bag, $139


Sure, it’s just a conduit to carry your sweaty shit around, but to the eye, it is so much more. If there’s something this bag can’t carry, I am blissfully unaware of it.

Tom Ford High-Top Sneaker, $990


It’s like sticking your foot into a beautiful baseball glove, only much more functional. I want to live in a world where I can afford these. I guess that’s the tenth thing on this list.

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