If You Missed Sprint’s $15 Unlimited Deal, There’s Now A $10 Unlimited Wireless Plan From New Carrier

Two weeks ago, we told you about Sprint’s crazy cheap $15-a-month unlimited talk, text and, data plan. Sprint has since stopped offering the incredibly inexpensive wireless plan, but a new insanely cheap offer is here. New wireless carrier Unreal Mobile is offering an unlimited plan for a mere $10 a month.

If you missed Sprint’s offer, don’t fret because Unreal Mobile is offering a similar unlimited plan at only $10 per month. The contract-free plan provides unlimited calls, texts, and data. However, there is a catch because there is always a catch. You only get one gigabyte of high-speed data that can roll over from month to month, but if you go over that 1GB of data your speed will be slowed. Unreal Mobile does offer a $15-per-month plan that gets you 2GB of high-speed data and a $30 plan with 5GB. With that in mind, this is still the cheapest “unlimited” wireless plan out on the market, but if you’re a heavy user or enjoy streaming without Wi-Fi then this might not be the plan for you.

Unreal Mobile is the economy offshoot of FreedomPop, which uses Sprint’s network. New customers can use their existing Sprint or Verizon Wireless smartphones or tablets or can purchase an Alcatel Dawn for $50, a certified pre-owned Galaxy S6 for $150, and certified pre-owned iPhone 7 for $400. The plan and phones are available on Unreal Mobile’s website.


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