These Are 3 Bags Every Bro Should Own (Backpack, Messenger Bag, Weekender)


It’s weird to think about a guy needing more than one bag in his life, but when you stop and begin to think about it the need for a good backpack, weekender, and messenger bag is something every bro grapples with. For most of my adult life I’ve used a laptop backpack in place of a messenger bag, but I made the part-time switch some time in the last year or so and I gotta say I’ve been loving it. The form/function of a messenger bag will take the weight load off your shoulders if you make the switch yourself, because if you’re like me then you pack your backpack full with unimaginable weight.

I’ve also gotten more use out of my weekender in the past 24 months than I have any other piece of luggage that I’ve ever owned. Nearly every vacation (all but 1) that I’ve taken over the past two years has been a long weekend trip, and on every single one of those trips I’ve been able to use my weekender packed full of everything I’d ever need…Point being? These are some bags you bros should consider picking up if you don’t already own one.

FYL Messenger Bag with Built-In Charger: Meet Your Power Bag: One Part 11,000mAh Charger, Two Parts Style





The FYL Messenger Bag is a high-tech bag you can finally carry with pride. Its classic, casual design is made to look great and built to last, plus the built-in battery pack will keep your on-hand devices powered up while they’re packed away.

— Includes enough power to charge your smartphone 4-7 times
— Allows you to remove the battery & take on-the-go
— Secures your laptop w/ specially-designed padded compartment
— Keeps your phone easily accessible w/ two exterior side pockets
— Created w/ a spacious & sleek design
— Seamlessly opens & shuts w/ snap closure
— Comes in your choice of four classic designs


Cocoon Innovations Tech 16″ Backpack: Carry Your Entire Computer Kingdom in This Slick, Organized Backpack (Fits Up To 16″ Laptops)


Cocoon Innovations


Cocoon Innovations

It’s simple. You need your laptop. Your laptop needs wires, headphones, chargers, USB cords, and all its accessories. Finally there’s a comfortable, efficient, and stylish backpack that kept your tech reality in mind. This sleek backpack features Cocoon’s unique GRID-IT!® system, the most intelligent organization system of its kind. It comfortably holds your laptop in a perfect pocket, and packs compartments for all its little friends to ride along in style.


Cocoon Innovations

— Accommodates a 16” laptop w/ its padded compartment
— Features the GRID-IT!® system: crisscrossed mesh to hold objects of any shape
— Includes a dedicated iPad pocket
— Keeps wires, headphones & chargers organized and untangled
— Allows for max comfort w/ top handle & comfy shoulder straps
— Prevents electronic water damage w/ water-resistant nylon
— Includes exterior zipper compartments for extra storage


Rise Gear Weekender: Set Up Your Closet On-The-Go with this Hyper-Organized Travel Bag


Round Circle Group


Round Circle Group

This bag will transform you from weekender to weekend warrior. You’ll never feel stranded on the road again…why you ask? This bag brings your closet with you. It holds everything you can think of and unfurls to provide you with a fully-organized hanging closet with shelves. Boom. From your oversized coats to the small knick knacks you lose track of, this bag keeps it all together.

— Includes separate compartments for shoes & laundry
— Hangs up w/ two steel hooks in any closet or doorway
— Packs over four shelves for easy-to-view storage
— Has tiny pockets for smaller personal items
— Designed w/ removable shoulder straps for multiple carrying options


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