5 Must-Have Fishing Accessories Every Angler Needs In His Toolbox

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It’s ice fishing season across the Northern states, but down here in Florida, it’s fishing season all year long. I know it might be hard for some of you bros out there to imagine going fishing right now when the weather’s so miserable but before you know it the Sun will be out and the streams will be running.

When I lived in the Northeast I always liked to stock up on fishing gear throughout the Winter so that when Spring, Summer, and Fall came rolling around I wasn’t breaking the bank. I often found some of the best fishing gear deals of the year during the Winter because outfitters are desperate to keep the inventory moving. With that in mind, today we’ll be looking at a handful of must-have fishing accessories, items every man should keep in his tackle box.

5 Must-Have Fishing Accessories That Every Fisherman Needs In His Toolbox


1. SAMS Retractable Fishing Nippers (Clippers)


Beyond the rod, reel, and fishing lure/bait the clippers are the most important thing a fisherman can have in his tackle box. I’ve owned countless pairs of nippers over the years, mostly because I used to be foolish and never bought the retractable pairs. I’d lose them regularly. Well, it’s been quite some time since I lost a pair after I moved to a retractable pair clipped to my tackle box, and I wish I’d been using these all along. At just $7 every fisherman should own a pair of these.

BUY IT NOW: $6.99

2. Shimano Baltica Tackle Bags


These Shimano Baltica Tackle Bags are the only things I actually asked Santa Claus for this year (the rest was a surprise). I spent most of my life using hard-sided tackle boxes but have since seen the light, and now know that tackle bags are the ONLY way to store your gear. They are a MUCH more efficient use of space.

BUY IT NOW: $50-$60 (Depending On Size)

3. Cush It “Big Bass” Fishing Rod Cushion


On the surface, this might not seem like the most ‘macho’ of fishing accessories. I’ve met more than a handful of dudes that have called the Cush It overrated until they try it. The best day of fishing is when you’re spending the ENTIRE day pulling up fish from the bottom. The Cush It will allow you to do this without ever bruising your hip (or wearing a fighting belt). It fits to the bottom of the fishing rod and fits with a variety of rod sizes. Of everything on this list, all the must-have fishing accessories, I’d put this one near the top.


4. Booms Fishing Stainless Steel Needle Nose Pliers With Sheath Lanyard


There are A LOT of fish on this planet that you don’t want to go putting your hands on. Needle nose pliers are a great way to protect yourself from catfish, treble hooks, and everything else that you might not want to put your hands close to. At just $7, it’s fiscally irresponsible to pass on buying this pair of pliers.


5. Yeti Vacuum Sealed Rambler Colster


Today’s the day, the day you finally treat yourself to a Yeti Rambler Colster because you know you deserve it. Drinking while fishing is part of the experience. In the Summer your beer can get hot really quickly, and in the Winter it can hurt your hands to hold onto that frigid beer can. That’s why it’s good to put your beer inside of the Rambler Colster, a koozie that will keep your beer ice cold for hours on end. Seriously, this thing works miracles. I live in Florida and it keeps my beer freezing cold while I’m at the beach in the middle of the Summer, and I have no idea how it works so well.


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