5 Questions for Krass & Co. Entrepreneur Pierson Krass

1. Why should guys buy Krass & Co. shorts?

Our shorts are the best looking and most comfortable athletic shorts you will ever own. It’s that simple. Of course I’m going to say that, but check them out. They combine a high-end, quick drying nylon/spandex with the perfect dose of class and style.  You can wear them anywhere, anytime, for anything because they look good with a t-shirt, polo or button down.  Oh, and girls love how they feel too, that’s always important right?

2. What are the best scenarios to wear Krass & Co. this summer?

I’d say these three scenarios top the list:

1) Raging at Tomorrowland, Bonnoroo or any other music festival. 
2) Chilling on a yacht with bros, babes, and booze. 
3) Wearing them out one night and then lending them out the next morning to your guest (she’s not going to wear that dress home).

3. Can you potentially work out/be athletic in them? What makes them unique?

Of course, that’s what these were primarily designed for. These are a very similar short to what you would get from Under Armour in terms of cut and materials but with some added classiness. They’re perfect for the gym, on the sports field or tennis court, and as a bathing suit. 

4. How did you guys get started in the apparel business?

It originally came from a love of lounging around in athletic shorts but a hatred for what they looked like.  There was either the boring as hell blue and black shorts that the big companies put out or the absurdly loud printed shorts that kind of shouted “asshole.” So we combined athletic shorts with the embroidered khaki club shorts we loved. That’s what gave us the original idea for the embroidered lobster shorts.

5. What have you enjoyed most about it? And you would recommend other bros go the entrepreneurial route?

The best part is seeing people enjoy our clothes or getting the fan emails—that’s obvious.  But there’s also the creative side and putting yourself out there that gives you a rush. You got to work your ass off, but you answer to yourself, no boss, no suit, no schedule—that’s why I would say, yeah, give the entrepreneurial route a shot.

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