5 Things We Want This Week, Including the Best Ryder Cup Hats Ever



We want things. You want things. Let want them together.

New Era Ryder Cup Hats, $24-$32


The Ryder Cup is one of the great underrated sporting events. It sneaks up on us and we don’t realize just how awesome the drama is until it’s almost over. Let’s resolve to end this cycle by getting completely amped for this fall’s edition of the hostilities.

These hats will help.

Never before have we seen such blatant patriotism expressed in such a sophisticated way. There’s nothing more American than kicking ass and celebrating with a polite golf clap.

The fun doesn’t have to end when the tournament ends. Those badass knit numbers look like they’ll keep your native gourd warm all winter.

Not purchasing a selection from this line is tantamount to treason.

Orbit Key, $40


Your days of looking like a high school janitor or Medieval dungeon keeper are over. Now your key game will be on point, thanks to this handy device. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Orbit Key is available for purchase.

And it’s so much more useful than a crummy Zack Braff movie.

Embrace your inner MacGuyver without the pesky threat of getting blown up.

Beer Soap, $8


We can’t think of anything more manly than showering in beer. Sadly, science tells us standing under a cascade of IPA might do more harm than good. There is hope, though.

Beer soap. Beer soap is the future.

The bars come in a wide variety of brews.

Perfect for alcoholics who need a morning buzz.

Grovemade Dock, $119



Sleek. Effective. Sparse.

This dock has all the makings. Fiercely male and futuristic, this dock uses the same finish used on many knives. And it cuts clean profile.

Is it weird to be slightly attracted to an inanimate object?

Back to the Future prints, $88



Relive the greatest movie franchise in history each and every day with these slick prints. Perfectly priced, they are the essential item for anyone who worships at the Temple of McFly. Nostalgia never goes out of style.

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