5 Things We Want This Week

TrophyRings, on Kickstarter

Fantasy football season will soon be here to bring much-needed meaning into your life. But what’s the point of winning your league and winning cold cash if you can’t show it off obnoxiously?

Don’t you deserve a gaudy trophy ring to wear every day? TrophyRings has several different baubles to choose from, all of them awesome.

A-Audio Headphones, $199


Introducing A-Audio, the newest and hottest in luxury headphones, the Audemars Piguet of audio. The Lyric On-Ear Headphones pairs a compact on-ear design with passive noise cancellation for rich, crystal clear sound reproduction. They’re also built with 40mm custom drivers, powerful circuitry and anti-vibration aluminum for a power-packed soundstage. Fill your ears with good stuff because it feels so damn good. 

Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub, $550

Because you’ve always wanted to order a hot tub to go.

Below the Wood Maps, $130+

Maps are the new hotness in the content game. They’re also a timeless way to man up your room. These efforts will have you yearning to sail all the seas regardless of your knot-tying skills.

Ona Messenger Bag, $389

There is no better way to prove you 1) mean business 2) are a deep and sensitive dude than this bag. We will not hear otherwise.