50 Things We Want: All The Gear You Need For Enjoying The Outdoors

50 Things We Want

We’re back with the Things We Want, and we’re featuring style and gear products that encourage us to get out and enjoy the weather this summer. We won’t lie, sitting on the couch playing video games all day is awesome at times, and even needed, but we’ve got precious experiences to catch up on with the great outdoors.

You’ll find gear for activities such as hiking, trail running, camping, and more. Not to mention we’ve got some of the latest food and drink options to replenish and refuel our bodies after such frequent movement.

Pro tip: If your significant other doesn’t like you spending money that’s not budgeted, make sure to let them know the products above are vital in executing a beautiful “nature date” together.

I like to editorialize the weekly ‘Things We Want‘ as little as possible but it’s important to call out some items in depth. This weekly gear guide also includes my daily Everyday Carry Essentials features so be sure to scroll all the way through so you don’t miss any of the latest and greatest gear for men. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at john@brobible.com.

Lems Shoes Trailhead

Lems Trailhead

Hiking shoes should always be ready for new terrain, yet one of the downsides about most pairs is they don’t transport very well. That’s hardly the case with Lems Shoes. Their latest Trailhead model is ideal for those who travel as much as they hike. The Trailhead is a go-anywhere shoe, thanks in part to its full-length durable rubber outsole and breathable microfiber and lightweight mesh upper. They’re flexible too—easy to bend and pack in your bag or carry-on.

What also makes Lems Trailhead special is its unique fit. The toe box has been slightly widened to decrease the chance of the shoe squeezing the foot, and the heel drop is lowered to 4mm (traditional pairs are typically 12mm) in order to naturally decrease heel-striking and create healthier posture. You can see the new lineup of Lems Trailhead on Huckbery right now. They come in six retro-inspired colors that pair well with outfits just as much off the trail as they do on it.


Athletic Brewing Co.

Athletic Brewing Co.

Connecticut-based Athletic Brewing Co. is making non-alcoholic beer for individuals who want to “drink healthier.” While that phrase may sound a bit contradictory to some, it makes sense for us who are wanting to limit those days where alcohol becomes the root cause of unhealthy habits.

Athletic Brewing Co. sought out to create a NA beer (non-acholic) with an excellent taste and great branding. The result is a lineup of seasonal and year-round brews for all types of tastebuds. They carry styles like golden, pale, IPAs, and stouts; and flavors such as citrus, honey, hoppy, and more. If you’re trying Athletic Brewing Co. for the first time, we recommend the All Out Stout. With notes of chocolate and coffee, this dark stout pairs well with some of those classic summer sweets—especially s’mores. You can find Athletic Brewing Co.’s All Out Stout on Huckberry right now.

Shop Athletic Brewing Co.

National Parks: Everyday Essentials

National Parks Essentials

[1] Timex Metropolitan S Smartwatch [$179]

[2] Vans Ultrarange Exo [$95]

[3] Forty Five Supima Crew Tee [$35]

[4] Katin Cord Local Short 6.5″ [$62]

[5] Deso Supply Co. Calif Bucket Hat [$36]

[6] Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8×25 Waterproof Binoculars [$95]

[7] Cruisers Tortoise [$45]

[8] National Parks Field Notes Memo Book [$13]

[9] DemerBox DB2 [$349]

[10] Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling 8L [$119]

Olipop: A Healthier Way To Drink Soda

Olipop is a plant-based soda company focussing on incorporating healthy ingredients vs. pouring in spoonfuls of sugar. In fact, Olipop has 95% less sugar than other leading sodas. So how did they do it? They backed their venture with a team of gut health scientists and researchers to create a nutritional strategy for their product. And trust us when we say the taste is *chefs kiss.* Flavors include Vintage Cola, Classic Root Beer, Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Ginger Lemon, and more.


Customized Deejo Pocket Knives

It’s about that time of year when every single guy gets outside to explore. But, as we all know, you’ve got to have the right tools before adventuring for a day, night or an entire weekend, right? Obviously.

That’s why Deejo Knives is here, as their fully customized, high-grade pocket knives are the ideal way to upgrade your everyday carry. So whether you’re looking to fix something around the house, are looking to tackle the great outdoors this spring, or just on the hunt for the best gift to give a soon-to-be graduate, Deejo has one-of-a-kind designs to make things unique.


Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip EDC

[1] Luminox Modern Mariner [$584.98]

[2] Saola Cannon Knit [$100]

[3] Proof 72 Hour Merino Wool Tee [$72]

[4]Patagonia Twill Traveler Pants [$119]

[5] Deejo Ebony Knife [$74.90]

[6] Yeti Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top [$40]

[7] Sendero Provisions Co. Together for Texas Snapback [$30]

[8] IZIPIZI Sun Nautic Light Blue Crystal [$65]

[9] Native Union Key Cable – On-the-Go Charger [$30]

[10] Jones Sports Co. FC Weekender Duffle [$175]

Crowd Cow Meat Delivery

There’s lots to look forward to this summer now that we’re slowly getting back to normal. From going to Happy Hours, to ditching masks when safe, we’re finally starting to see the end of this pandemic. And one thing I’m personally excited about is the same thing every guy should be pumped for: Backyard BBQs.

When it comes to summer, it doesn’t get any better than firing up the grill and hosting a bunch of close friends/family with loads of food. That’s why it’s time to stock up and get yourself prepped for plenty of months eating all the meat.

To help you do just that, there’s Crowd Cow.

A meat delivery service, the company prides itself for having the best beef, chicken, fish, pork and everything in-between. And here’s the best part: Crowd Cow is running a serious promotion to help you stock up while saving a bunch of money when using the code ‘COOKOUT’ at checkout. Take a look below at the details with the best prices of the summer!


Dr. Squatch Freedom Fresh

Smell that? That smell in the air right now. Smells like summer. Smells like a good, old fashion AMERICAN summer. Smells like FREEDOM.

You need a soap that also smells like summer; that smells like FREEDOM.

Just in time for the 4th of July, Dr. Squatch brought back their Freedom Fresh soaps. This patriotic, made-in-the-USA soap is made from all-natural ingredients, including:

  • Red Root Tea
  • Mica
  • Jojoba Seed Oil

These all-American soaps have long been a Dr. Squatch fan favorite, all available on the Dr. Squatch website while supplies last.


Grandpa Scalzos Chicken Sausage

Summer is grilling season. Sure, nothing beats burgers and steaks on the grill. But sometimes you need to mix it up. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

That’s where Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous chicken sausages comes in.

Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous has an 80-year tradition of quality and excellence.

The Grandpa Scalzo’s famous Sweet Italian and Hot Italian Chicken Sausage is made from the finest ingredients, using prime cuts of chicken, fresh broccoli rabe, and roasted red pepper.

Get $5 off a 6 or 12LB pack with the code SUMMER5 at checkout! 


F*ck Coffee Nootropics Brain Support Supplement

tempo fck coffee nootropic review

Are you looking to limit, reduce, or eliminate your coffee intake? TEMPO’s got you covered with their F*ck Coffee Nootropics Brain Support Supplement. It was engineered to be an effective alternative to coffee and other stimulants by boosting focus. It’s cleaner than energy drinks and it promotes all-day energy, improved memory, enhanced creativity, elevated mood, and it’s crash-free.

The blend of Rhodiola rosea extract, Coffeeberry Energy, NeuroFactor Coffee Extract, and TeaCrine are ideal for rapid absorption. This is a newly-released item and you can pick it up on Amazon by clicking here or hitting that ‘shop now‘ button below.


4 CBD Products To Treat Common Problems: Hangovers, Recovery, Sleep, Energy

best CBD products hangovers recovery sleep and energy

I wanted to throw some of the Best CBD products available on your radar today so I figured I’d include four of them and each with a different focus. First up is the Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo which includes one bottle of gummies and one bottle of their Vegan AF formula and this is one of the best CBD treatments for hangovers out there today. Second, we see the Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick which is one of the top CBD products for recovery. In this instance, that’s referring to pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and appetite-regulating properties. Check it out!

On the bottom row, we’ve got the Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack which are one of the best CBD Sleep treatments you can find anywhere and they’re absolutely delicious. Check these out and thank me later. Lastly, we see the Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) which are a CBD treatment for boosting energy throughout the day by strengthening the parts of your body (cells) that are dragging you down. Give it a look!

[1] Sunday Scaries Dynamic Duo (2 Bottle Combo) [$71]

[2] Nanocraft CBD CBD Pain Salve Stick (500mg) [$64]

[3] Honey Oil CBD Capsules 25mg 10 Pack [$19]

[4] Rebel Morning Boost Formula (1000mg) [$95]