Adidas Low-Key Released Zissou Sneakers From ‘The Life Aquatic’ And I’ve Never Needed Something More In My Life

by 2 years ago

Few movies make me go full nerd fan boy like Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. It came out the year I graduated high school and started college, showcasing Bill Murray at his sharpest as a lonely, tragi-comic oceanographer. I quickly became obsessed with it. A year later, the travel bug bit and I signed up to live on boat myself, enrolling in the Semester At Sea program, circumnavigating the world’s oceans while (….*poorly*…) pretending to live the Jacques Cousteau life.

For years and years it inspired groups of friends to dress in baby blue with red knit hats on Halloween, just like the quirky crew of Zissou’s Belafonte.  If you came of age at a certain time, the movie is iconic; it brings out one’s inner-child and sense of adventure like few flicks.

Last week at a music festival in Paris, adidas low-key released the ultimate tribute item to the film: The adidas-brand blue-and-aqua-striped training shoes, an essential part of the Zissou outfit. After the movie came out, adidas let the kicks be an enigma, inspiring fan-made sneaker tributes. This marks the first official release of the Zissous. And, of course, they weren’t easy to get. via Sneaker News:

The three stripes surprised everyone by dropping a limited run of the adidas Rom Zissou featuring crisp white leather, alternating aquatic shades of blue on the three stripe branding, and hints of yellow. The pair is a 1:1 of the original featured in the film and was made available only at the We Love Green Festival in Paris. The festival featured Seu Jorge, the Brazilian musician whose music was featured throughout The Life Aquatic‘s soundtrack.

Just 100 pairs were released in Paris recently, and we’re still waiting on word if a wider release will come to the states in the near future.

Really hope the three stripes steps it up and releases these in the States. They’re basically a must-have for aging millennial hipster Bill Murray fans like myself.