Guess What Was Hidden Inside An Abandoned Old Barn? Yeah, $18 Million Dollars Worth Of Cars…Great Guess!

Did you ever go rummaging through your parents stuff looking for some piece of junk that could be worth millions? Me too. Yeah, it’s just junk.

Unless dad, or mom, was a French transportation mogul who went broke and hid sixty cars in a barn. Yeah, they weren’t and didn’t, but Roger Baillon did back in the 1970s and some lucky bastards just stumbled upon his secret stash.

According to Artcurial Motorcars, the auction house selling off the barn and everything inside, this happens a lot.

“This sort of thing doesn’t happen often enough,” Matthieu Lamoure, managing director of Artcurial Motorcars, said in a press release. “In our jargon, we speak about ‘barn finds’ as cars that are intact, that have remained untouched for years, and are found again. I have to say that when we arrived here, we found ourselves overcome with emotion.”

Unfortunately, many of the cars are way beyond repair — thirty years in a garage will do that — but some may be salvaged and sold for top dollar. Among the prized finds are a Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport Coupé Saoutchik, a Hispano Suiza H6B Cabriolet Millon Guiet, a a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder and a 1956 Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua. Estimates for the sale of the Ferrari, which can be restored, could reach $14.74 million.

Do mom and dad own any barns in France you don’t know about?

H/T Business Insider

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