Are Fidget Spinners The Next Great Way To Relieve Stress? Is Sprite The Next Great Hangover Cure?

by 1 year ago

Before we cruise into the weekend, want to bring your attention to a mild obsession I talked about on Cheddar TV the other day. Fidget spinners, a simple every day carry gadget we’re obsessed with here at BroBible. A simple, weighted ball-baring, these office desk toys are addictive and have an uncanny way of (1. Increasing your concentration (2. Reducing your anxiety (3. killin’ time in the cubicle while trying to get through your day. We have stress spinners for sale over in the BroBible shop and there’s a damn good reason they’re all the rage on i-banking trader floors and college campuses these days (BUY IT NOW: $13.99)

Also, peep the video below for why Sprite is the next great hangover cure. Get those tall boys of Sprite ready, Coachella-goers.

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