Get Your Hands On The World’s Smallest First Person View Camera Drone, The Axis VIDIUS

I think it’s safe to say that the FAA registration requirement has already put a dent in the number of large drones being sold across America, but with the world’s smallest first person view camera drone you won’t have to worry about anything other than having fun. This little FPV Camera Drone is the very definition of fun. It’s tiniest enough to squeeze through small spaces and it maneuvers on a dime, all while transmitting a video feed to your Android and/or Apple devices.

Seriously, if you had to draw up what is truly the most fun drone on the market than there’s a very VERY good chance you’ll end up sketching this little guy. I haven’t even gotten to mention that it’s also on sale today, so if you act now and follow those links below you’ll be able to get it at over 20% off! The sale is limited though, it ends in 4 days…Now let’s get to the specs of this mighty little drone.

Axis VIDIUS FPV-Camera Drone: Introducing the World’s Smallest First Person View Drone

You don’t need a bulky, FAA-registered drone to get a view from the pilot’s seat. The Axis VIDIUS Drone may be small, but it offers a live first person view from its built-in video camera! You can flip, roll, speed through narrow spaces, and more while streaming and recording your every move. The live video feed is transmitted to your Apple or Android device via Wi-Fi, and can even be shared instantly with the VIDIUS Drone App. Plus with an 100-foot range, you can explore far and wide without lifting a foot.

— Control flight w/ included 2.4 gHz controller, smartphone or tablet
— Stream & record live video & still images in 420p during flight
— Fly for 5-7 minutes per 20 minute charge
— Choose your desired level of flight sensitivity w/ 3-speed pre-programmed functionality
— Keep the drone stable & centered w/ 6-axis gyro stabilization
Seamlessly adjust orientation w/ 360-degree rotational yaw
Enter pre-programmed “Trick Mode” to pull off amazing flips & rolls
Fly at night w/ the bright LED colored lights
Don’t worry about FAA registration!


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