The ‘BearArms’ Paracord Bracelet Features .40-Caliber Bullet Shell Casings, Is 100% Badass

I was slow in coming around to paracord bracelets, but then again I’m usually fairly hesitant to jump into new trends whenever they pop up. That’s not to say that paracord bracelets are a new trend, because they’ve been around for decades, they’re just new to my life as I’ve been seeing more and more of them hit the market over the past 18 months or so.

Well, I’m finally hooked and it’s all thanks to this badass paracord bracelet that has .40-caliber bullet shell casings as the bookends of the bracelet. If I’m going to wear a paracord bracelet then it’s going to be this one, and I think you bros should REALLY consider accessorizing with this badass new offering from BearArms.

A bracelet made of .40 caliber bullet shell casings is pretty much the most supremely rugged accessory around. This one is crafted with military-grade paracord, the ultra strong material troops use to parachute. Plus with casings made of pure brass, wearing this bracelet is like wrapping your wrist in a metaphorical bald eagle.

— Perfect for men or women
— Made of military-grade black paracord
— Paired w/ .40 caliber shell brass casings


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