Try These Shampoos To Keep Your Beard On Point This Summer

beard shampoo summer


Contrary to popular belief, keeping facial hair in the summer doesn’t “make you hotter.” Nothing could make you hotter you sexy son of a bitch!

Anyway, beards actually don’t retain heat so it’s fine to keep your face covered with bushels of follicles from June through early September. The issues you should be cognizant of are the sweat, oil and assorted lotions that build up in your beard when the weather gets warm. All those irritants get trapped in your beard and irritate your skin worse than sand in your ass crack.

Make sure you give your beard a good cleanse with the right beard shampoo. Here are a couple shampoos we recommend for the summer season.

Beardilizer Beard Wash and Conditioning Shampoo



Beardilizer Beard Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleans and eliminates bacteria from the beard and its hydrating formula nourishes the beard for a soft, manageable, and shiny look while soothing the skin to help prevent rashes and irritations.


Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

Professor Fuzzworthy


Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo is a 100% natural shampoo bar with a great woody scent. Professor Fuzzworthy’s is full of antiseptic essential oils such as Kunzea and Lavender. Made with Kunzea Oil for anti-itch, the bar will leave you with a clean, healthy, and fluffy beard.


Beardsmen Spirit Shampoo & Wash

Beardsmen Spirit Shampoo


This lightweight beard shampoo is infused with All Natural Oils. It will keep your beard clean, soft, conditioned, and help to stop beard dandruff. It will also stop that dreaded beard itch and keep your beard looking perfect. With subtle hints of eucalyptus, cedar, and pinewood, a few drops is like stepping into a lush green forest. Its clean yet bold manly scent will leave you smelling like a true beardsmen!



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