How to Keep Your Beer Colder Longer, Plus 10 Things We Want

Adicross Tour, $200

Adidas's newest golf shoe should send shockwaves through your country club this May. The shoe is a blend of old and new—it features premium, full-grain aniline leather and a traditional seven-spike setup, but it's so damn light that it'll never been mistaken for one of Ben Hogan's.

Chill Puck, $8

Not only have these guys made a commercial that's the spiritual successor to the $1 Shave Club's, they've come up with a pretty good idea to keep beer cold. A Skoal tin-sized icepack you attach under a koozie, the Chill Puck uses tightly packed ice to keep your brew frosty. Even on those scalding summer weekday mornings.

Brew Clip, $29

Let's just keep throwing up products that'll get you drunk. Screw it. The Brew Clip is a wallet that holds your cash, driver's license, and credit cards secure. AND it will open your imported beverages. The big secret of the wallet? The more you use it, the more money you lose. Chew on that for a bit.

Monte Cool Sunglasses, $60

These sunglasses use magnets to let you swap colored arms, so it looks like you've got a different pair every day. Note: No matter the color, if you wear 'em at night you're still douching it up.

Radiate Athletics Shirts, $Starting at 20

Has Alex Nerney's fitness series inspired you to go to the gym? Want to show off how HAM you're going? Stop yelling. Wear this shirt instead. It uses eight different colorways to visually show where you've been sweating and where the bulk of your vascular activity is, providing the dual advantage of making you look like a cyborg and pointing out areas you need to work more.

Meaning, if you're that guy who exclusively does bicep curls, you're not hiding anymore.

Django Unchained, $25

One of the best films of 2012 has finally been released on Blu-Ray. Now say goodbye to Miss Laura. “BYE MISS LAURA.”

Sold App, $Free

If you have something you want sold, this app promises to set a cost, find a buyer, and give you the materials to ship the item. Simple as that.

Thinking Putty, $10

This was randomly sent to the office. I have enjoyed mindlessly screwing around with it, and I think it may actually have helped my decision-making processes. Is this a ringing endorsement if it comes from an idiot like me? Probably not. But did I mention that it BOUNCES?

Seiki Digital 50-Inch with 4K2K Resolution, $1,397

4K is the future of television resolution. Some videos on YouTube support it. Very few TVs do, and most carry price tags of upwards of $5,000. The Seiki is a bargain by that measure, and if you buy it, you're looking at TV that's four times the resolution of 1080p. Which is high.

Ferrari 458, $285,716

Like this nice lady!

The video below, which I was begging for an excuse to show today, happened yesterday on The Price Is Right. To be fair, would you be able to guess the cost of this car? (The action starts at the 3-minute mark.)