The 15 Best Adult Party Games That’ll Make Your Next Get Together One To Remember


The best party games are the ones that leave you near hyperventilation from laughter, and if you’re an adult that means, well, that means you need adult party games to make that happen. Until recently, your options were basically limited to getting drunk, and… getting really, really drunk. But recently, the adult party game market has exploded. You can still get drunk (in fact, for many of these games, it’s encouraged) but now, you also get to say all the horrible shit you only thought before, and you get to insult and offend your closest friends. Fun!

And to make sure you have the most fun possible, you’ll need to pick up some of these adult party games, all of which promise lots of laughs, maybe a few tears, and most importantly, a good time at your next party.

Cards Against Humanity


Look, I usually like to save the best for last, but we have to talk about Cards Against Humanity right away. It’s just too big, too important. This is really the game that kicked open the door for adult party games, and if you’re gonna get into that party game life, you’re gonna need this. The rules are simple: each round, someone asks a question from a black card and everyone answers with their funniest white card. The results are funny, ridiculous and, well, a crime against humanity.

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The Voting Game


In this game, you read a situation from a card (Who would have the hardest time talking their way out of an insane asylum, etc.) and then everyone votes for which player they think this best describes. It’s a great way to reveal hidden truths, and of course, to offend and slander your best friends. And really, isn’t that what games are all about?

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Smart Ass


The basic idea of this game is that someone starts reading clues that describe a person, place or thing and whoever yells out the answer first wins. This sounds ludicrously simple and kind of dumb, but what this encourages is people to yell out the dumbest shit imaginable simply because they have to be first. Add some alcohol to the mix and pretty soon you and your friends are saying crazy and offensive nonsense. Well, even crazier and more offensive than normal, anyway.

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Telestrations After Dark


It’s Telestrations, only raunchy. I mean, here’s a quote from someone complaining about the game in their review: “You basically just sit around drawing dicks all night.” Again, that’s from a slightly negative review. My point is that even the negative reviews make the game sound hilarious.

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Dirty Neighbors


In this game, you take turns asking a question about one of the players, and then everyone writes down what they think the answer would be and then you go from there. Basically, it’s another way of slandering your closest pals, laughter and mayhem ensue, etc. You know the deal.

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5 Second Rule – Just Spit It Out!


This is one of those games that isn’t necessarily for adults, but get the right people and the right environment (lots of booze) and it becomes an adult game very quickly. The idea is simple: you’re asked to name three things that fit a certain topic (name three pasta dishes, etc.) but you only have five seconds to do it, which leads to people blurting out ridiculous nonsense. And again, if you combine this with alcohol, you get to see pretty quickly what really goes on in people’s minds before they get a chance to sanitize it.

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One person draws a card (example: “Trash Talk at the Special Olympics”) and then everyone tags someone else in the group with that card based on who’s most likely to do it. A judge then decides who gets it, and… really, it’s another excuse to abuse your friends. As the game’s creators themselves say, “there are no winners, only losers.”

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Reverse Charades


A twist on an old classic, the idea here is that instead of one person acting out the charade, it’s a whole team acting it out for one person to guess. Hilarity and ridiculousness ensues. Add alcohol and these things really ensue.

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WTF Did You Say?!?


This game is billed as “a party game against all dignity and morality” so we’re off to a strong start. It’s basically Cards Against Humanity, only more depraved. At the very least, if you’ve played Cards Against Humanity to death, you can pick this up and use it as an expansion pack.

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Murder Mystery Party Games – A Taste for Wine and Murder


And now for something completely different – it’s a murder mystery! This is one of those things that is just a ton of fun to do as a one-off. It’s especially great if you and your friends are creative and don’t mind getting into the mood.

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Drawing Without Dignity


Basically, it’s an excuse to draw the most obscene shit imaginable. Sure, there are rules and everything, but really, this is all about the obscenity, and isn’t that what art is really all about?

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Nasty Things


Everyone is given a topic (example: “Things the first lady won’t let the President do”) and then everyone writes down their response, followed by guessing who wrote what. Really, it’s an excuse to be as raunchy and ridiculous as possible. You have to respect any game that encourages, well, nasty things.

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This game combines all your favorite drinking games into a ridiculous board game, the sole purpose of which is to get you completely shitfaced. If I have to sell you more on that, then I’m not sure we have anything left to talk about.

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Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition


Listen, I can’t adequately describe this game. I just can’t. Here is the official description from Amazon: “Exploding Kittens NOT SAFE FOR WORK Edition is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and boob wizards and sometimes butts.” You’re either a kittens, explosions, boobs, wizards (or boob wizards?) and butts kind of guy or you’re not. That’s all there is to it.

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Mini Pong


At the end of the day, it’s really all about the drinking, right? And if you’re a real pong aficionado, this is pretty much a must have. I mean, you can’t always get a full-on beer pong game set up, you know? It takes a lot of room and a lot of attention. This game strips those necessities away and lets you play right at the dinner table with a set-up designed to take care of all the details for you. (You’re not going to have to go chasing the ball with this.) In the end, what’s important here is the essence of the game: getting you shitfaced drunk. And when it comes to party games, that is what it’s truly all about.

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