Get Your Gear Game Right With These Two Fanny Packs And Let The World Know You’re Ready To Party

We’re only 24 days away from the first College Football game of the year, which means nationwide dorms and frat houses are filling up with bros ready to rage their ever living faces off. But in order to reach that peak level of rage those bros are going to need to get their party gear game right, and no arsenal of party gear is complete without one of these two fanny packs down below.

Unlike the usual ‘BroBible Deal of the Day’ format where I bring you one product each day and tell you how desperately you need that in your life, today I’m switching it up and telling you about TWO fanny packs, both of which are completely badass and both which you need to own RIGHT NOW. First up we’ve got the standard ‘PARTY’ fanny pack. This will hold all of your essentials during a game day (keys, ID, cash, beer, etc), and second we’ve got the ‘Freedom Ringer’ jammypack that has built-in speakers and is quite possibly the most ‘Murican fanny pack we’ve ever seen.

Today I want to REALLY STRESS the importance of one thing: you should NOT go to bed tonight without owning at least one (preferably both) of these fanny packs. If you want to get your party game up to speed for the Fall semester, or just for game days in general, you’re going to NEED one of these two fanny packs.

Neon ‘Party’ Fanny Pack ($12.99)

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The Best Jammypack Freedom Ringer (Fanny Pack + Speakers)

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