10 Best Men’s Sunglasses Under $50

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Nothing is worse than heading out with a pair of expensive sunglasses, and feeling like you need to guard them all night. Losing your glasses can be a serious bummer, so sometimes it makes sense to leave the house with a cheaper pair that you’re prepared to lose. Here are the 10 best men’s sunglasses that you can own for under $50:

1. Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Wayfarer


Classic Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses are a classic, simple pair of shades that you can buy in a variety of colors and designs.

Buy It Here: $10.00


2. ESPIRO Classic Aviator


Similar to the Wayfarer glasses, the Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses are an iconic look.

Buy It Here: 24.00


3. ZeroUV’s Premium Half Frame Horn Rimmed Sunglasses


ZeroUV’s Premium Half Frame Horn Rimmed Sunglasses are a solid pair of glasses that have a distinct frame.

Buy It Here: $19.99


4. Duco Polarized Driver Sunglasses


The Driver Glasses by Duco are ideal for anyone cycling, skiing, or doing any other aggressive activity.

Buy It Here: $25.00


5. LogoLenses Men’s Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses


LogoLenses’ Bamboo Wood Arms Classic Sunglasses definitely standout due to the distinct finish of its’ frames, and are definitely a steal at only $12.99.

Buy It Here: 12.99


6. Duduma’s Premium Full Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses


Duduma’s Premium Full Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses has a unique, light-weight frame that lets them stand out from other Aviators.

Buy It Here: $12.99


7. ATTCL 2016 Hot Retro Driving Polarized Sunglasses


If you’re looking for a top-notch pair of shades for daily use, then the ATTCL 2016 Hot Retro Driving Polarized Sunglasses are for you.

Buy It Here: $24.98


8. J+S’s Active PLUS Cycling Outdoor Sunglasses


Another pair of great active shades,  are great quality for their relatively cheap price tag.

Buy It Here: $12.99


9.  Shaderz Retro 80’s Classic Sunglasses


Shaderz Retro 80’s Classic Sunglasses are great for any party, especially with july 4th coming up.

Buy It Here: $7.99


10. Y-H’s SPY Flynn Sunglasses


With 30 different variations, Y-H’s SPY Flynn Sunglasses offers a wide range of possible designs.

Buy It Here: $21.66

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