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The Best Orvis Fly Fishing Gear For Slaying Fish From Coast To Coast This Summer

best Orvis fly fishing gear of 2024


I’ve got fishing on the mind. Partially because I’m leaving Florida and heading to the Adirondack Mountains soon for some brook trout and smallmouth bass fishing but also because, frankly, I always have fishing on the mind.

I’m lucky to live on a lake in SW Florida that is teeming with largemouth bass and even a few peacock bass if rumors are to be believed. I’ve only ever pulled largemouth out of the lake using my Orvis fly fishing setup, the same one I bring to the Adirondacks to go after smallmouth bass, but in anticipation of the trip ahead I found myself lost on the Orvis website piecing together my dream fly fishing setup with the best gear the industry has to offer.

What started as ‘these would be perfect for my needs’ quickly turned into ‘I should share these with our readers’ so you all can map out your dream Orvis fly fishing outfit as well. I’ve put together one outfit for mid-size saltwater species like snook and a second outfit for freshwater fishing.


Orvis Clearwater® Fly Rod + Hydros® Reels Combo

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Hydros Reels combo


Here we have a 7 weight, 10′ Clearwater Fly Rod paired with a 7-9wt Ice blue Hydros Reels. Together, the combo comes in at $538 which, in my humble opinion, is beyond a steal for the best setup money can buy in this weight range. There’s also something about that Ice Blue reel that is REALLY speaking to me. It just looks darn good with the backing + line contrast.

I’ve fished with a 7wt rod for literally the entire time I’ve been fly fishing which has been over three decades and almost my entire life. In that time I have used 6, 7, and 8wt lines and thrown at trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and every inshore saltwater species under the sun aside from tarpon.

What I’ve found with this weight range is it’s still plenty light enough to also navigate tiny backwater areas in upstate NY where precision casting is required to target trout but also plenty robust enough for me to make incredibly long casts for bonefish in Islamorada or permit sitting on the reefs when they show up in my part of Florida this time of the year during the Summer.

What I’d suggest with this setup is to experiment with a few different line weights to find what is right for you but what I really love about this outfit is it can easily go from freshwater to saltwater and have plenty of stopping power for all sorts of species. It is an extremely versatile setup.


Orvis Recon® Fly Rod + Mirage® LT Fly Reel

Orvis Recon Fly Rod + Mirage LT Fly Reel


Bumping up a little bit in price, here we have the Orvis Recon® Fly Rod in 5wt and 9′ ($598) paired with the Orvis Mirage® LT reel ($449) in Olive and I’ve chosen a 5-7wt reel because as I mentioned before I tend to go up in weight instead of down. I’d rather be able to stop a fish than worry about getting broken off but that’s the saltwater fisherman in me talking and I know this is entirely a matter of personal preference.

If $598 and $449 price points seem high to you, let me remind everyone that these come with a 25-year warranty. And for anyone out there who thinks that’s hollow, I’ve quite literally sent in a 20-year rod before after I busted an eyelet being a doofus and rigging up inside a cabin and walking into a door. They take INCREDIBLE CARE of their customers which is why I have complete willingness to meet these more-than-fair price points for the best fly fishing gear on the market.

The Orvis Recon® Fly Rod is going to be your everyday rod. Your travel rod. Your favorite fly fishing rod. It is a 4-piece rod so it can be easily stowed and taken on trips. The blanks are gorgeous with matte olive with charcoal and spring green accents. They are made in the USA and at this size, 5wt / 9′ you can haul in bass, panfish, trout, and whatever else you’re tackling on any given day. Orvis themselves describe the Recon® Fly Rod as offering “the mid-price buyer access to the best technology Orvis fly rods have to offer.”

Pairing it with the Orvis Mirage® LT III 5-7wt reel and the rest is history. The 3.7″ diameter offers ample room for line and backing to stop whatever you’re chasing, whether that be brown trout or striped bass. This reel is actually 30% lighter than its predecessor, which is HUGE if you will be holding it for any considerable amount of time throughout the day.

With the bump up in price you certainly get what you pay for. The fully radiused reel foot prevents kinked leaders which is crucial when you’re on the water. This reel has incredible stopping power for fish with powerful strikes. It’s made in New Hampshire and machined from lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum barstock. Again, they’re the best. You know this. I know this. I’m just dreaming about my perfect setup for my next fishing adventure here.


Clearwater® Fly Rod Outfit

Orvis Clearwater Flyrod Outfit


For those that would rather buy a rod + reel combo, there’s the Orvis Clearwater® Fly Rod Outfit which sells for $419-$429 and comes in 3wt, 5wt, 6wt, and 8wt and an array of lengths across the various rods. This is truly a perfect gift to yourself or to any fly fisherman in your life. I’d be quite literally over the moon if someone got me this as a gift.


Gotta Look The Part!

Orvis Men’s Clearwater Waders and PRO BOA® Wading Boots


Stay dry. Stay comfortable. And catch more fish. It’s as simple as that. You don’t want to get beaten by the elements and have to call your fishing trip short. Cold water seeping into your ancient apparel can ruin your day. That’s why it’s time to refresh with the Orvis Men’s Clearwater Waders ($249) and pair them with the Orvis PRO BOA® Wading Boots ($298).

The waders come are sold in Regular, Short, Long, and Xlong. They do have a kangaroo style handwarmer pocket and an external pocket for clippers and tippet. Made with Nylon shell/polyurethane membrane/nylon tricot liner, they will not let a drop of water in while you trek through a fresh stream that just appeared after some overeager beavers rerouted the water and suddenly there’s a plethora of brook trout in your buddy’s backyard.

And the wader pair perfectly with the Orvis PRO BOA® Wading Boots which are available in sizes 7 through 14. These are actually the first wading boots the fly fishing industry has ever seen that are made with an Michelin Outdoor Extreme outsole which offer the best wet rubber traction of any wading boots on the market. The 3D molded OrthoLite X25 insole was expertly designed for comfort over time so your feet aren’t sore an hour into a fishing trip.


Don’t Go Fishing Unprepared!

Orvis jaket, sling, and tippet


The Orvis Men’s Ultralight Storm Jacket seems self-explanatory to me. It’s a lightweight waterproof jacket that will keep you dry and prevent you from overheating if it’s humid or muggy out. It can be worn in the mornings with a chill in the air and throughout the day as sun protection. The moss green is stylish enough to be worn even when you aren’t fishing.

The Orvis PRO Waterproof Sling 14L is generally a must-have for fishermen. It’s a waterproof fishing bag designed to carry tackle, fishing gear, and other necessities on the river. But it is also arguable the best type of camping/boating bag around as it offers ample storage and the 840-denier, abrasion- and puncture-resistant ballistic nylon coated with .1mm TPU on both sides of the fabric is the industry-best.

Lastly, I had to throw in the Orvis Mirage Tippet Material. Don’t go fishing without extra tippet. Always be (over)prepared and that starts with ensuring you at least have ample tippet to tie, re-tie, and re-tie flies again as the hatch changes or your target species shifts throughout the day.