Grab This Black + Decker PuriFry For Delicious Fried Food Without All The Guilt (Or Oil)

by 9 months ago

Black + Decker Purifry

There’s no denying the fact that fried food tastes more delicious. Sure, baked or grilled chicken is great but it’s nothing compared to fried chicken. Fried onion rings, potatoes and…ok, I need to stop. I’m getting fat just typing those foods.

If only there were a way to enjoy fried foods without all the guilt, and fat, that come along for the ride. Good lord, THERE IS A WAY!

The Black + Decker Purifry Air Fryer cuts out the oil to give you crispy food without the added fat. Is it magic? Voodoo? Witchcraft?!? Nope. Fans! A pair of powerful convection fans surrounds food with heated air to cook all of your favorite fried delights quickly and evenly.

The variable temperature control ranges from 175-400 degrees and the 60-minute timer automatically shuts off the machine once cooking is complete. The frying basket has a 2-liter capacity, making it easy to fry up snacks or a main dish for the whole family.

And with the holidays coming up, it will cut your cooking time in half and save your entire family from heart attacks. It also makes a great gift because nothing says “I love you” like a fry cooker!

Best of all, the Black + Decker Purifry Air Fryer is 30% off today.


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