Budget Bro Gear – 1

​Yo bros…

For those of us still in the glory days, it’s Christmas break and for the unlucky few of us who live in the middle of nowhere it’s getting boring. So it’s time to start writing here and hopefully this becomes a regular deal.

So, basically the idea of this is to provide a few items that we can get on a budget and can be useful in different ways.


It’s christmas break, that usually means we have a few extra bucks in our pocket so let’s buy some shit for when we head back to school.

1.Alcohol Shot Gun – $18.23 via Amazon

– This has the potential to be a perfect party item. Being charitable to some lovely ladies or accidentally spraying that one douche in the eye, this item could prove to be a great conversation starter while you and your potential lucky lady are getting hammered.

2.Neckline Grooming Tool– $14.99 via Edgup

– I’m not sure if it’s just my school, but I’ve noticed several floorbros getting their hair cut by other floorbros. Last year a friend of mine let two drunk girls cut his hair, needless to say he ended up having to buzz off his lush ladykiller. With this neckline tool you can make sure that at least one part of your haircut isn’t getting fucked up.

3.Keg Tap– $35.64 via Amazon

– This one seems a little… useless, right? Well, instead of buying a case or filling up a gatorade dispenser with a bunch of shitty liquor, how about buying a watermelon, hollowing that shit out, and making some island smoothie or some crazy shit. Not only could this shit be a potential hit at a frat party, but you know people will be talking about it for weeks afterwards… ok maybe not, but there will be that one guy that loves it (probably me). Either way, this is a different technique on getting creative. Hollow out a pineapple fill it with rum and call it a jungle party.

So there, three products that can improve the greatest years of your life. Have fun bros.