Mornings Suck Less With A $19 Sunrise Alarm Clock

sunrise alarm clock
Don’t be fooled by the 7 year old’s art, this alarm clock will improve your day-to-day life.


To say I’m not a morning person would be an all-time understatement. Like, remember how badly Wile E. Coyote wanted to catch the Road Runner? That’s the exact opposite of how excited I am to get out of the bed in the morning.

But this sunrise alarm clock seems legit. A big light goes from 1% to 100% brightness in 30 minutes leading up to the alarm clock going off, scientifically helping ease the shock of the morning’s alarm clock.

That just makes a ton of sense, in my mind. People used to wake up to the sun’s light, now we can do the same but still be on time for work and life.


Plus, it has an FM radio. Just look how much this guy is enjoying his bright light FM radio:

best sunrise alarm clock


On top of that, the light has a ton of color options:

cheap sunrise alarm clock



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