Compilation Of High-End Watch Movements Is One Of The Most Mind Blowing Videos I’ve Ever Seen

My first-hand experience with high-end watches is pretty much limited the one time my friend who was a chef at Thomas Keller’s restaurant in Las Vegas came to visit in NYC, and told me he wanted to go check out the Audemars Piguet store in midtown. We spent probably an hour in the store, the salesman almost immediately realized we weren’t buyers, but he also recognized that we were pretty damn fascinated by the watches in the store. He let us handle and try on a handful of watches each, I think the most expensive one I had on my wrist was worth somewhere north of $200,000. And that’s really where my watch days ended. This video just blew my mind. But if you’d prefer GIFs to video you can scroll on down:

Sure, I own a handful of ‘starter watches’ to be worn at various occasions (7 Field Watches That Work For Any Budget). I’ve got the sport watch, the dress watch, etc., but HOLY $H*T the watches in this video and their movements are astounding. If I had the $$$$$ available I’d 100% get into the high-end watch market and just stare at my collection until the end of days. However, I don’t anticipate a time in my life during which I have an extra few hundred grand (or millions) laying around to throw into a watch collection, so for now I’ll have to settle for compilations of insane watch movements such as the one you see above.

And now that my weird watch rant is over, here are some of my favorite GIFs: