Someone Finally Created A Beer Koozie That Counts How Many Beers You’ve Slammed

by 3 years ago


The only Christmas present I bought for myself this year was The Yeti Colster, which is easily the best koozie money can buy. It should be since it cost over $30 on Amazon during the holiday rush. But that’s just the small price you pay for a koozie that keeps your last swig of beer as cold as your first. Yeti’s technology to keep beer cold truly is amazing.

But this post isn’t about how much I love my Yeti. It’s about The Bevometer, which calls itself “the only koozie that counts!” The brainchild of a popular Kickstarter campaign two years ago,  The Bevometer is now available for purchase on Amazon. Here’s why it rules: It’s like a odometer for beer — It counts how many beers you’ve had during your Sunday Funday while also counting how many beers you’ve had over a lifetime.  When your braggart buddy boasts that he drank 15 beers before jumping into the snow naked and getting frostbite on his dick, you can check his koozie and remind him that it was only after four. 

They’re only $10.99 on Amazon right now too. That’s the price for a six pack of craft beer here in NYC, so you can start showing off that lifetime count right away.

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