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Jump on these savings on eBikes, gaming computers, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Vineyard Vines clothing and more in today’s daily deals.


There are some things that every single guy needs in his life, and one of them happens to be a great and reliable travel bag that can withstand years of abuse. If you’re looking for one that can handle every expedition you go on, your best bet’s the Kodiak Leather 45L Denali Duffel, which has been refined over the past few years to meet every expectation from guys.

So what makes the Kodiak Leather 45L Denali Duffel so much better than the rest? After being introduced as a Kickstarter a couple years ago, the brand has been fine-tuning its entire production process. Whether it was redesigning the bag or testing different leather and hardware types, among other things, Kodiak Leather has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to deliver the highest level of performance and function with this duffel bag. It’s why the 45L Denali Leather Duffel is the ultimate companion for every getaway, no matter where you’re off to.



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While getting yourself a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit is awesome for you to find out more about your heritage, it’s even better using the kit with someone else — and why not make that other person your dad, discovering more about yourselves together on Father’s Day?

To help make the decision easier, you can get a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $50 off through June 17th. Repeat: For $30 less than you normally would spend on a kit, your Father’s Day gift can be something meaningful AF, while being fun AF, too, as you and your pops find out more about what makes both of you so unique.



When you go to the barber you get a hot towel shave because it helps soften hairs and opens your pores to make it easier for hairs to be shaved, plus allows any underlying dirt from your skin to be removed. GilletteLabs took this old school science and brought you a hot shave without having to go to your local barber. Introducing the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, the razor that gives you a hot towel shave with the touch of a button.

This revolutionary razor features warming technology that heats the blades in less than a second to provide continuous soothing warmth on your skin. The Heated Razor maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature and utilizes FlexDisc™ tech to evenly distribute heat on your face. While hot water is great, it cools and doesn’t provide the same warmth throughout your shave. The Heated Razor also comes with a wireless magnetic charging stand, rechargable Li-Ion battery



Bespoke Post Themed Boxes For Men

Bespoke Post

It’s no secret that guys like stuff. From owning a bunch of jeans, to wearing the most appropriate sneakers for Happy Hour, to deciding what shades to go with for different occasions, to, finally, realizing we need to try a little bit harder when it comes to grooming, there’s a whole bunch of stuff out there that’s just waiting to get snatched up by men. Problem is, a lot of times we just don’t know where to find it.

Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy solution to that: Bespoke Post.

So, what exactly is Bespoke Post? To put it simply, it’s a subscription box service for men who are looking to expand their gear — and they make it easy as pie to get the stuff you want.

Order Bespoke Post using the code BRO20 for 20% off your first box!



Every single bro wants to smell good, that’s obvious. There’s just something about a guy’s scent that helps him be confident, knowing that everyone in a room can smell that, yeah, you give a damn about yourself and you aren’t afraid to show it.

But instead of dousing yourself in cologne or body sprays, why not start with something a helluva lot more natural — and much better for your skin; Dr. Squatch soap? This stuff isn’t the typical bodywash you’ve been using for years, but instead an all-natural option that leaves your skin feeling happy, giving it a bunch of vitamins and moisturizers it needs to stay looking great.

If you’re like us and you hate remembering to stock your personal care products, Dr. Squatch has the “Soapscription,” which makes it easy to get your favorite bars either monthly or quarterly in a fully customizable solution. Plus, you get free shipping and save $1 or more per bar on soap. Finally, Dr. Squatch offer a 100% “Sudisfaction” Guarantee, meaning that if it’s not the best soap you’ve ever used, you’ll get a full refund without any questions asked.



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$30 OFF RYU Locker Pack Lux – 24L

$400 OFF Hyper E-ride Electric Hybrid Bike, 26″ Wheels, 36 Volt Battery, 20+ Mile Range

$36 OFF Mystery Ranch Urban Assault – 21L

$170 OFF Motorola – Moto G6 with 32GB Memory Cell Phone Unlocked

50% OFF Nike Men’s Dry Woven Training Jacket

$55 OFF BAD Bags #4 Backpack Duffel Hybrid 69L


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vineyard vines sale

Up To 50% OFF During Vineyard Vines Summer Sale

Deals on Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Save on Casio Watches

Save on PC Products and Accessories


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