Bro Obsessed With LED Lights And Music Festivals Completes 6-Month DIY Project That’ll Have You Tripping Balls

I love a good DIY project but I’ve also got the attention span of a goldfish, so the thought of completing a 6-month long DIY project culminating in a disco ball for millennials (actually it’s a lot cooler than that) kind of boggles my mind. This bro from Imgur, burgerga, is apparently super into both LED lights and music festivals. So he brought his passion into the wood shop and cobbled together the most outrageous LED ball that any millennial has ever produced.

The Imgur user cataloged his steps along the way into one massive gallery, which you can scroll through below, but to give you a look at the finished product I’ve pulled his the completion video as well as a few other stills:

You can go through this bro’s steps by scrolling through every photo on this gallery that he’s uploaded to Imgur:

I’m not convinced that someone like myself who has zero working knowledge of LED lights can replicate his SOL CRUSHER ball with 540 LEDs by just following all of those steps, but at the same time he was extremely descriptive in his Imgur captions, so if you’re looking to create the next epic festival toy then you might want to consider making a SOL CRUSHER of your own.

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(via burgera on Imgur)

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