Selfies Are About To Go Next Level With This Fotokite Camera Drone



First the random selfie in the middle of crowded areas and the selfie stick took things to a whole new level of annoying but now the Fotokite is going to next level the selfie craze and probably cause major issues.

GearJunkie explains:

The Fotokite is basically a tethered drone. It is controlled by physical input through the leash, not a remote control.

This makes for easy flying and much less opportunity for user error. The retractible leash limits flight to 26 feet high, just enough for great views and to get in other people’s photos.

The device weighs 12 ounces and fits into an easy-to-carry canister pack (see image below) to allow carrying pretty much anywhere.

So the next time you’re standing in the middle of an amazing photo opportunity, get ready for the gentle buzzing of countless camera drones snapping hundreds of photos. Feel free to shoot any down like this dad.

[via GearJunkie]