Drop Test Shows Glass Back Of iPhone 8 Shatters Easily And It Will Cost You Dearly To Fix

Apple unveiled their new iPhone 8 and iPhone X handsets earlier this month with exciting new features including wireless charging. But in order to achieve wireless charging the fancy new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus had to switch to a glossy, glass back. Apple has advertised the new design as “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.” However, based on this drop test conducted by YouTube account PhoneBuff shows that both the iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 performed horribly and their glass backs suffer damage when they are dropped (the drop test begins at the 1:29-mark). Both devices shatter instantly after dropped from only a few feet.

So how much will it cost you to fix a shattered glass back on the new iPhone 8? A rather terrifying amount. Under AppleCare+, cracking the back of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus will not be covered under the $29 screen replacement. The repair will instead be classified as an “other damage” fee of $99 (plus tax).

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AppleCare+ costs $129 for the iPhone 8 and $149 and provides users with two screen replacements ($29) and two miscellaneous damage incidents ($99) over two years. However, if you damage your phone more than those three occasions the price jumps to $349 for the iPhone 8, and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Engadget explains why the costs will be higher than a screen replacement:

This is likely because removing the glass back is markedly more difficult than swapping out a screen. Unlike the front glass, the back glass is glued in really well, requiring much more effort to remove. AppleCare+ allows for two incidents of accidental damage, after which your repair price jumps up to $349 for the iPhone 8 and $399 for the Plus for anything other than a screen repair.

So you had better treat your phone like a newborn baby and never drop it because it will cost you dearly.