10 Everyday Carry Essentials That Are Too Good To Pass By

must have everyday carry essentials of 2021

Sometimes the gear is just too good to pass by and you need to upgrade your everyday carry essentials. Today is one of those days. From shoes to carabiners, multi-tools to wallets, we’re looking at some of 2021’s finest everyday carry essentials for men. You can purchase any of the items you see by following the links throughout the article!

First up in this everyday carry collection is the Timex Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA Watch ($149) which is a glorious digital watch reissued from the late ‘80s. The liquid crystal analog display is recreated from the original model and it features a unique digital/analog display and uses a single-bulb backlight for a truly retro vibe. This really is a throwback watch that you can rock every single day.

Next up are the Adidas Ultra 4D ‘Social Status’ sneakers ($350ish) which you’ll have to head on over to eBay to find. I’ve been eyeballing these all weekend. I recently purchased these adidas Ultra 4D’s in the Oreo colorway and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve bought in years. This ‘Social Status’ colorway fits my personal style perfectly. I simply cannot stop myself from buying these. And I just wanted to put them on your radar as well.

must have everyday carry essentials of 2021

A lot of gentlemen see Barbour and gravitate straight towards their Green Waxed/Field jackets but the Barbour Weldon Wax Jacket ($400) in Waxed Brown looks incredible and can withstand anything you throw at it. Barbour has been making the best waxed field jackets in the world for over 125 years and perfecting their designs and materials along the way. The lightweight polyamide lining slides on easy and the weather-resistant waxed cotton exterior that sheds water and blocks wind.

You can pair that jacket with the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Navy ($98) which comes in six different colors and are perfect everyday pants. Even if jeans are your preferred style you’re going to love how these chinos frame your lower half. And they’re sold in every length x waist configuration you’re looking for.

Next up we have the Leatherman Skeletool CX ($79). This is an ultra-light model so it won’t weigh your pockets down and in addition to pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, and more it features a 154CM Knife, one of the best blades around. I’ve been a brand loyalist with Leatherman since my parents gave me my first Leatherman back in the Cub Scouts. They are built to last a lifetime if you treat them right and I wouldn’t trust any other brand to make me a multi-tool. Also, you cannot beat that price. This is a true multi-tool and one you can carry in conjunction with a knife because it provides so much value.

must have everyday carry essentials of 2021

The Nite Ize S-Biner #3 ($6) is a steal at only six bucks. This high-quality stainless steel carabiner is built for hanging keys, camping gear, water bottles, and adjoining two items together. Six bucks!

The Barbour Inverness Tartan Scarf ($60) is an insanely soft (and warm) lambswool scarf from Barbour in their signature plaid pattern. It’s finished with a tassled hem and can be worn in a variety of ways to keep you cozy throughout the colder months.

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip ($75) is a favorite of everyday carry enthusiasts worldwide. This one seen here is the Black model but it also comes in a few different colorways for you to choose from. Remarkably, it only weighs 2oz which is insanely lightweight and won’t ever weigh down your pockets. It holds between 1-12 cards, is RFID-blocking, and has an integrated money clip for your cash.

must have everyday carry essentials of 2021

We round it out today with ‘The Solo’ Compact First Aid Kit ($50) which is a brilliantly designed and potentially lifesaving tool. They set out to design a first aid kid that has everything you’d need when you’re away from medical help. This is ideal for keeping tucked in your backpack or truck.

We finish it off today with the Bellroy Micro Pen ($19). This handy pen is cased in durable ceramic anodized aluminum, writes with a ballpoint pen, and comes with a refillable blank ink cartridge. This is ideal for tossing in your backpack and/or car and it will always be there when you need it.

Let us take a look at all of this year’s best everyday carry gear one more time. You can shop the full collection and/or pick and choose any of your favorites by following the product links underneath the image below!

must have everyday carry essentials of 2021

[1] Timex Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA Watch [$149]

[2] Adidas Ultra 4D ‘Social Status’ [$350]

[3] Barbour Weldon Wax Jacket [$400]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Navy [$98]

[5] Leatherman Skeletool CX [$79]

[6] Nite Ize S-Biner #3 [$6]

[7] Barbour Inverness Tartan Scarf [$60]

[8] The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip [$75]

[9] ‘The Solo’ Compact First Aid Kit [$50]

[10] Bellroy Micro Pen [$19]

I hand-pick a collection of 10 Everyday Carry Essentials each day for you gentlemen and try to keep it as fresh as possible around here. Each day’s roundup of the best everyday carry gear for men includes a combination of apparel, accessories, and gear that are meant to have an immediate impact on your daily life. You can pick and choose your favorites from the collection or shop the complete set, whatever’s best for you. And if you happen to have any accessories or apparel that you believe deserves to be featured here you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.


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