Everyday Carry: How To Upgrade Your EDC Blade With Name Brand Knives For Only $25 A Month

Presented by Monthly Knife Club

There’s a good chance you’re starting to get outdoors more and more these days, so don’t you think it’s time to hook yourself up with some tactical gear to survive all those trips in the fresh air? Hell, even if you’re not going full weekend trip on us, you should still get yourself the necessary tools for any dilemma that might arise — which is why Monthly Knife Club wants to help you out.

Designed for the types of people who like things like fishing, hunting and being good with their hands in the great outdoors, Monthly Knife Club hooks members up with the sharpest tools and most badass tactical gear out there, partnering up with the top brands to give you the things you want — all at absurdly low prices. That means you get to test a variety of things out, making it easy for you to show your skills.


If all of that sounds interesting, here’s some more info on just how simple Monthly Knife Club is.

First of all, anyone who signs up needs to be over the age of 18. Sorry, those are the rules, guys. For those who are of age, here’s what you need to know about the service.

Step 1: Select your knife plan from one of their four subscription options.

Step 2: Monthly Knife Club then ships new knives and tactical gear to you every month, with orders being shipped out between the 15th and 25th every month.

See, told you it was pretty damn simple. Plus, for those not feeling like a subscription’s the best way to go yet, or just want to test things out first, you can still take part in the perks of Monthly Knife Club, because Monthly Knife Club also has individual gear available to buy in its online shop, meaning you can pick out as much or as little as you want.


As mentioned above, Monthly Knife Club comes with four different kinds of subscription boxes: Name Brand Knives Standard Subscription, Name Brand Knives Advanced Subscription, Name Brand Knives Premium Subscription and Name Brand Knives Ultimate Subscription. Once you land on the one that fits your needs, boom, you’ll start getting the best tactical gear out there, all at the fraction of the cost of buying it all solo.

So, whether you’re heading on a big outdoors trip with some buddies, or just want to keep some gear on you in case of emergencies, Monthly Knife Club is your one-stop shop.


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