You Know That Extra Lace Hole You Never Use On Your Running Shoes? Apparently It Has A Very Practical Use

Son of a bitch…

All this time I thought that hole was for people with extra delicate ankles and feet. Like, folks so skinny and frail that they needed the hole because they had so much extra lace slack. I thought that was the purpose it served.


Apparently there’s a whole faction of people who knew that the extra hole was for locking your foot into the shoe. How long have these fuckers been withholding this information? Meanwhile, the rest of us have blister scars spackling our heels and ankles and ingrown toenails from our toes repeatedly beating the front of our shoes. We never knew! We never locked in!

Well, our nightmare (that we didn’t really know we were a part of) is now over.







All these years without knowing that… Feel so cheated.

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