Behold The Fastest Bulletproof Car In The World, The Armored Tesla Model S P100D

by 11 months ago
Fastest Bulletproof Car Tesla Model SP100D


Screw James Bond, get your own stylish, bulletproof car — a 2018 Tesla Model S P100D which (unarmored) set a record as the fastest production sedan in the world by reaching 60 MPH in 2.4 seconds. (It was, somehow, beaten by another Tesla car, the Roadster.)

International Armoring Corporation, which armored the car using their Armormax®, the lightest and strongest synthetic fiber laminate armoring in the world, doesn’t officially say how fast the modified Tesla will go with the added weight.

However, they do point out that Armormax weighs 80% less than traditional steel armor, which meant adding only 550 pounds of bulletproofing to the sedan versus the 3,000 pounds they claim other armoring companies add to their cars. The result of their using zero ballistic steel, according to International Armoring Corporation, is that the decrease in the Tesla’s performance is “negligible.”

The vehicle, which is the first armored Tesla Model S P100D in the world, was ordered by a Middle Eastern businessman and provides protection against both high-powered rifles as well as handguns.

That being said, as International Armoring Corporation states, “While this Armormax Tesla may be ‘faster than a speeding bullet,’ it doesn’t need to be!”