Foiler ‘Flying Yacht’ Is A Stylish Hybrid-Powered Hydrofoil Watercraft With A Speedy Smooth Ride

Get a load of the Foiler Flying Yacht. It’s fast. It has a modern chic style. It has an exceptionally smooth ride. What more could you ask for from a yacht? The “Flying Yacht” achieves impressive speeds and an incredibly smooth ride on the choppy open seas by utilizing retractable carbon fiber hydrofoils.

The hydrofoils elevate the yacht up to 5-feet above the water surface to deliver an amazingly tranquil and steady cruise. That means you and your passengers won’t be getting seasick and ralphing up your lunch during your yachting adventure.

Besides offering a consistent ride that won’t jar your spine, the hydrofoil also means less abuse on your hull. The hydrofoil also increases your speed since less of the boat is in the water smashing into waves and so you won’t spill your margarita. This also means better fuel efficiency and a quieter ride.

Speaking of fuel efficiency, the Flying Yacht is powered by hybrid motors. This vessel boasts twin 320hp BMW engines, two electric generators, two custom electric torpedoes, and a 300-liter-capacity tank. This bad boy can reach a top speed of up to 40 knots. When the boat goes to battery power, it provides silent cruising capabilities at 10 knots for up to 10 minutes.

The luxury yacht can accommodate 7 passengers and a driver and the hydrofoil engages at around 18 knots. A price for the Foiler Flying yacht has yet to be announced, but it looks like it will cost a pretty penny. This is definitely a personal luxury watercraft for those looking to not spill their drink while cruising at high speeds.