Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Shows Off His $3M VW Bus Collection That He Started Because ‘He Doesn’t Have A Coke Problem’

Gabriel Iglesias VW Bus Collection

YouTube / Business Insider

When a celebrity makes a ton of money, they’ve got to blow it all on something.

Jeff Bezos bought a $2 million clock.

Tiger Woods blows his money on boats.

“Why do I have a bus collection?” Inglesias jokes, “well because I don’t have a cocaine problem and I need to blow the money on something.”

With an estimated net worth of $40 million, the 43-year-old comic needs to blow his money on something.

Iglesias owns a $3 million collection of classic Volkswagen Buses.

He keeps them in his enormous personal museum that resembles Volkswagen’s most famous German factory.

His car collection also includes several very rare Beetles and muscle cars.

The comic took Business Insider into his garage and I’ve officially fallen in love with VW buses.


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