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Nowadays everyone is looking for ways to save money when they go out shopping. But with so many different apps, extensions, and programs out there to provide you savings, it’s difficult to tell which ones help you the most. How am I supposed to know if I’ll get more value out of 3% cash back on grocery purchases or just miles on all purchases? Or should I be using coupon providers instead? And are those coupons even legit? You can tell, my mind is all over the place when I’m trying to save that extra penny. With all the complex verbiage and multitude of varying percentages, trying to maximize savings is just too complicated.

Introducing Fluz, a new cash-back app for everyday shopping that just keeps on giving. The closest thing to a real life money tree, Fluz is all about stacking cash back and rewarding each and every purchase by your entire network. And its all so simple too. Check out this quick video for a short introduction on what Fluz is all about.

How to Use Fluz

With so many different ways to earn rewards and money back through Fluz, there’s no reason not to sign up and starting earning yourself. Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Register with your invite’s refer link.
  2. Add a payment method once (256-bit encryption).
  3. Search for & select your favorite store.
  4. Enter your exact checkout amount.
  5. Present gift card code to cashier or at online checkout.

And just like that you can get instant cash back and the ability to cash out at anytime.

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Cash Back Vouchers

The biggest savings you’ll get from everyday purchases will come from Fluz’s 35% cash back vouchers. When signing up with a friend’s referral code, you automatically receive 3 vouchers. And whenever someone you invite makes their first purchase, you get another voucher for yourself.

35 percent cash back

And even better, these 35% cash back vouchers can be used at select popular stores, such as Starbucks, Burger King, Chipotle, Domino’s, and several more locations. With so many big name stores, there’s bound to be one that’ll become a go-to for you, especially if you’re earning 35% back instantly.

Fluz Voucher Stores

Get Paid to be Social

Fluz’s most differentiating feature from all the other cash back apps out there is the ability to keep paying you back beyond an initial referral bonus. Fluz believes that all consumers deserve to sincerely profit from their purchases and built their model with the focus of social networking.

Essentially, Fluz pays you for other people’s purchases.

Fluz Network App

When you invite a friend to sign up, that friend is automatically added to your Fluz Network. Whenever they make a purchase with Fluz, both yourself and them earn cash back. And if your friend were to invite their friends to Fluz, those new members would be added to your friend’s network AND your own network. So whenever they made a future purchase with Fluz, everybody would earn some cash back. And viola, just like that you’ve got a whole network that rewards you for others’ purchases.

Fluz social

Maximize by Stacking

If you’re a shopping guru, you probably already have a series of cash-back, money saving apps and programs. And if you’re an everyday person, you’ve probably got a credit card with 1-2% back on it. And that’s where Fluz stands out even more.

Fluz Stacking

Fluz is all about stacking all your available savings together so that you can earn more. Maybe your card earns miles or straight cash-back. Or you’ve added Honey, a coupon code provider, to your browser. With Fluz, you can still reap the benefits from those other programs, and in doing so actually earning more through Fluz. That’s big money right there.

Too Good to be True? No!

If all the cash-back and potential residual income weren’t good enough, Fluz is an earn-only app. That means no signup, transaction, or cash out fees. Not now, not ever. It’s true. And with no monthly minimums, Fluz is clearly all about helping you out. Because they know that without you, Fluz wouldn’t be here.

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So if there aren’t any fees, where’s all this money available to earn coming from?

The money that is provided as cash back to yourself and your network comes from the retailers that advertise their brands on Fluz. Traditional cash back sites would typically use this money for their own advertising campaigns or in one-time referral programs. Fluz stands out because they do things differently.

Fluz Logo Stacked cash back

In the age of social media and online networking, Fluz rewards you for helping grow the company. Fluz understands the power of a social network and its deep importance in building a user base. So rather than a simple one time payment as a reward, Fluz redistributes the retailers’ money back to the very people who use Fluz and doing so in each and every purchase forever.

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